"When I was 5 years old ,
I always wore my mom’s heels .
And her shiny white pearls .
I used to walk around the house ,
Pretending to be an adult .
As I reminisce , I always seemed to picture being an adult as a luxury .
That wasn’t necessarily true .
And now , I fear of becoming one ."
- why did I always wish to grow up? (via withlovesn)

I became aware of rape culture when I was in eighth grade
I heard it everyday
As if rape was a word to describe attraction to someone
It became a joke as it fell from the lips of 13 year old girls
Like undigested food and lip gloss
They became accustomed to the saying
“It’s not rape if you yell surprise”

I was a freshman in high school
When a boy sent my friend a text message that read
“you’re so cute, I wanna rape you”
And she took it as a compliment
I was a sophomore when my health teacher said if you are ever about to be raped yell fire
As if rape isn’t serious enough for people to care

We live in a world that punishes women before rapists
Because the first thing the police will ask is what you were wearing
Girls are taught to cover up every inch of flesh
To shame their bodies
Because showing too much skin could provoke someone to rape them
As if it is their fault
For someone else’s lack of control
Because we teach girls how not to get raped
Instead of teaching boys not to rape

I’m afraid to even walk to my car alone
And I hear that word fall from the mouths of middle schoolers like a joke they’ve just heard
I cringe and look away
Because we aren’t laughing.

- My thoughts at 4 in the morning (via fall-in-love-with-who-you-are)


look at the stars, look how they shine for you



girls: spank me i’ve been naughty

me: its okay we all make mistakes